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There are so many events in the course of a family’s life that are impossible to predict ahead of time. Changes in the family, such as the birth of another child or the aging of a grandparent, might necessitate changes in the home. Sometimes, these changing circumstances are drastic enough that they might even require an entirely new home layout, with more space to accommodate the shifting familial dynamics.

MN Home Additions
Just as change is impossible to predict, it is also impossible to know if moving to a new home will be an option when those changes happen. Luckily, there is another solution: home additions.

A home addition is the perfect solution for families and homeowners who find themselves requiring more space, but don’t want to pick up and move. Moving can be an extremely trying, not to mention sometimes impractical, change. Many families who find themselves needing some additional space may need to stay put for the sake of a job, a school, or a community. With SJ’s Anderson’s home-addition options, there’s no reason why finding a new home need be the only option. If you’ve already found the perfect home, why not hang onto it?

SJ Anderson offers a wide variety of room addition services to suit the changing needs of families in Minneapolis, St. Paul, and the surrounding area. Additions can be built onto the ground floor, or added to create a second floor to your home. For those looking to create some extra space within their homes, master bedroom and bathroom additions are also available. These additions are wonderful solutions for expanding families, or for homeowners who simply want to make some changes, without going through the arduous process of moving. Instead of looking for a new home, why not perfect the one you already have with a brand-new home addition from SJ Anderson Construction?

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